Where are elected officials on 2050 Plan?

Not a single person, citizen, taxpayer, landowner who spoke or asked questions during the 2050 Plan meeting Monday night sounded positive in any way, shape, form or fashion about any part of this proposal. With little to go on, these local people shot holes in the plan from almost every angle anyway.

The experts were very smooth at repairing the breech, but in the end there was no one in that room who was impressed with the plan. Let me reiterate — no one! You may hear some attempts at a positive spin by some of the proponents or even politicians in attendance, but don’t be fooled. If you were in that meeting and you weren’t on the payroll to sell the deal (and making a whole lot of money to do it), you came out of the meeting with a very negative feeling.

Probably the most incisive question was, “Since this is a life-changing situation, not just modifying a few zoning regs, can’t we put it to the people in the form of a referendum?” Brilliant! The responses from Chamber President Hunter Hall, the moderator, and Mr. Royce Hanson, the expert from up north, were kinda short. Like, umm, no we usually see the governing body making these kinds of decisions. We don’t care what you usually see. We at least want a referendum. There is no rush. We can do it anytime we have a general election, even next year would be good. After the meeting a few people even stated they thought it would be a good idea to have a referendum right now to vote on shutting this mess down.

So in conclusion, what was the most prominent remark heard Monday night after the formal meeting? It was, “Why are our elected officials not answering these questions?” We don’t want to hear from these out-of-town people who are getting paid to hammer us. We want our elected officials up front answering the questions. They have to be informed enough to make decisions about this proposal or is it going to be like Pelosi’s comment about Obamacare, “We had to pass it to find out what was in it.”

Sam M. Hay