Treating failure as success

If you want to see an example of failure that many see as success, consider this: the unemployment rate in the African American community climbed from 12.6 percent to 13 percent in August 2013 (Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics). In 1964, when the Civil Rights legislation was passed, the unemployment rate for African Americans was 9.6 percent (Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics). This is a tragedy, and it is calling out loud and clear that many things legislators have been doing for the past 50 years have done more harm than good.

The liberal politicians in Washington thought they could do for blacks what they needed done, and they have been thumping their chests over the years, saying, “What good boys and girls we are in giving blacks what we have given them.” The tragedy in this is that they do not see the dreadful things they have done. The programs they have developed have failed, but they cannot understand this.

We witnessed real progress in the African American community under the leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. But, the politicians in Washington stepped in with the Civil Rights Legislation of 1964, followed by the “entitlement programs,” and took the initiative from far too many people. Doing this halted real progress, and the result is seen in increased unemployment rates.

What brings success to people is not what is given them, but what comes from inside them as they get more and better education and earn their way through developed skills and experience in business. People can achieve much more for themselves when they develop what is within rather than when they accept what others give them. This is a lesson the politicians need to learn, and, if they can learn it, they will end their give-away programs and replace them with an environment in which people are provided incentives to do for themselves what only they individually can do. It will be at that time when our elected officials will cease celebrating their failures, and will be in position to celebrate the personal achievements of millions of people they are now harming with all their free stuff.

Roger Bolton