Council OKs parking change for businesses

COVINGTON — The City Council approved a change to Covington’s parking ordinance just in time to meet the needs of a hotel developer looking to build a $20 million property in the city.

The council held an emergency meeting Tuesday for the second reading and approval of an ordinance change that would allow parking between businesses and frontage streets where the speed limit is 45 mph or greater.

Councilman Chris Smith said he proposed the change more than a month ago and the council had approved the first reading of the ordinance change in June. However, the second reading was delayed due to concerns about buffers and landscaping.

“Since that time a prospect came into the city wanting to build a $2o million hotel next to the Hampton Inn,” Smith said.

The Hampton Inn is located on Lochridge Boulevard, just off Ga. Highway 142.

The developer was set to close on the property sale on Tuesday, Smith said, and wanted assurance from the city that the hotel would be able to have parking between the building and the street.

Smith said the hotel will be situated between the Hampton Inn and Quik Trip.

Smith noted that the ordinance change will apply in only a few areas of the city along main thoroughfares such at U.S. Highway 278, Washington Street and a portion of Alcovy Road.