Covington woman charged with yelling racial slurs at bowling alley

CONYERS — A Covington woman was arrested Saturday after she allegedly yelled racial slurs at employees and customers at the bowling alley in Conyers.

The Conyers Police Department was called around 7:40 p.m. to AMF Bowling when a customer, later identified as 21-year-old Shelby Lynn Hayden of 105 Huntington St., who had been drinking, started yelling at other customers and employees at the bowling alley.

When Officer Harold Peterson responded to the scene, he saw a white female matching the description of Hayden, sitting outside a restaurant in an adjacent shopping center. The woman was disheveled with her pants falling down and smelled of alcohol, the incident report states.

Peterson attempted to speak to Hayden, but her speech was slurred and she had difficulty retaining a train of thought, according to the report.

The officer then went to speak with employees at AMF. The bartender there said he had served Hayden a drink, but then she began bothering him and other staff members to give her free drinks. Hayden soon began arguing with her boyfriend and became upset with two other customers who were playing pool. When she became loud and aggressive, employees asked her boyfriend to try to calm her down, according to the incident report.

“She then began to verbally abuse (her boyfriend) by cursing at him. She then turned back to the black males playing pool and started yelling racial slurs … All of this was done in the presence of children,” Peterson reported.

The bartender told Hayden to either control herself or leave the premises. In return, she cursed at him and called him profane names, according to the CPD. The bartender told her and her boyfriend to leave, at which point, Hayden approached another black customer and told him she was “10 percent Italian and Sicilian and she would ‘f—- him up,’” the report states.

Hayden was arrested and transported to Rockdale Medical Center due to her alcoholic state. At the hospital, she continued to use loud profanity. After being medically cleared, Hayden was transported to the Rockdale County Jail where she was charged with disorderly conduct, public drunk and public indecency.