NCSO investigates claims of armed robbery at Arbor Lake apts.

COVINGTON — The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is looking into claims that a group of people gathered for a party was robbed at gunpoint last week.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, about six people had gathered for a party at Arbor Lake Apartments off Kirkland Road on July 1. At around 2:45 a.m., two people left and were walking to their car in the parking lot.

“As the two got to the sidewalk, they were approached by two black males with cloths over their faces so that only their eyes were seen,” said Sgt. Cortney Morrison.

The only description of the suspects that was provided was that one of the males was about 6 foot, 2 or 3 inches, with a muscular build wearing a tank top possibly with a black jacket over it, Morrison said.

One of the suspects was holding a small caliber nickel-plated handgun. They told the male victim to lie on the ground and they robbed him of his phone and wallet. The female victim was not made to lie down, but they reportedly stole her phone as well, Morrison said.

“The armed robbers then told the victims to take them to the apartment they had just come from, so they did,” she said.

Once inside, the perpetrators allegedly told one of the males to sit in a chair and not to look at them. They instructed the victims not to awaken another male who was asleep on the couch, saying he didn’t need to get involved, according to the incident report.

“The suspects then went through the apartment and discussed whether to take a flat-screen television in the living room, but apparently decided not to,” Morrison said.

The robbers then noticed there were three more people on the balcony so they robbed them of their personal belongings as well, Morrison said.

The suspects then left the apartment and the victims contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

The case has been turned over the Criminal Investigation Division. Anyone with information is asked to contact the NCSO at 678-625-1400.