Police arrest teens at house party

COVINGTON — Covington police arrested several teenagers Saturday when a party on Jefferson Village Boulevard reportedly got out of control.

According to Covington Police Department Capt. Ken Malcom, around 100 people were at the home on 9102 Jefferson Village Blvd., and officers were patrolling the area a little after midnight for parking violations.

“Someone came out of the house screaming at another person, and at that time it appeared to be a domestic dispute,” Malcom said.

The officer asked one male to approach him, but instead, the man turned and walked back toward the house.

“The officer told him again to turn around and he continued toward the house, yelling to people in the house that the police were there,” Malcom said.

When people in the house realized police officers had arrived, many people began to flee, with several jumping off the back deck, he said.

Before long, police apprehended a 16-year-old, who was intoxicated and was apparently the host of the party. He was charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor.

Another 16-year-old was arrested by police and charged with possession of a firearm when police found him with a concealed pistol, Malcom said.

A Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was also on the scene detained 20-year-old William J. Wynter, who was found hiding in the woods behind the house. When a CPD officer arrived, he noticed the smell of marijuana and Wynter admitted he had “a little weed,” according to the incident report. The officer found a plastic bag containing what was believed to be marijuana in the man’s front pants pocket. Wynter, who provided P.O. Box 2852 in Covington as his address, was charged with possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce.

David Calhoun, 19, and Ashley Wise, 20, who resided at 9102 Jefferson Village Blvd., were arrested and charged with keeping a disorderly house.

Montrez Gordon, 18, 175 Morningside Drive, was also arrested at the scene and charged with obstruction of an officer.