JULIE WELLS: Jesus desires nothing more than our love and attention

Julie Wells

Julie Wells

The other day I went to pick my daughter Joy up from the Academy, and she came busting through the room to give me a hug. The other kids practically looked like they had split the Red Sea the way they all cleared the path for Joy to come running to my arms.

Gosh, it makes my heart melt even replaying that moment over and over in my head.

That particular day was a rough one. I didn’t meet some deadlines at work, I seemed to drop or break anything I touched. I just seemed to be able to not do anything right.

None of that mattered when that little 30-pound, almost 2-year-old, blue-eyed little girl came running into my arms. She doesn’t know what it means to not meet a deadline or to have a bad day. Nor did she care that I had completely missed my assignments; she just knew her mommy was there to get her and she was super stoked about it.

Joy doesn’t care if the number of gray hairs completely overpowers my former head full of light brown hair. She doesn’t care that the house isn’t perfect and if we have sandwiches for dinner, instead of a full-course cooked meal.

All she cares about is that her daddy, Kevin, and I spend time with her. She’d much rather us sit down on the floor and play with the blocks than spend hours in the kitchen slaving over dinner.

She’d much rather have everyone in the room sing and dance with her rather than sing and dance by herself; she doesn’t like to leave people out of activities. When she plays with the big bouncy ball or her baby dolls or she plays chase through the house, she again, just wants you to spend time with her.

She loves her daddy and myself just as we are — and that is how Jesus wants us, too.

Jesus wants nothing but our love and our time. He desires for us to include Him on our lives. He’s never left us, even though at times in all of our lives we’ve walked away from Him.

In the words of one of my great friends, we don’t need more Jesus — He hasn’t left us — but Jesus needs more us. More of our time, hearts, obedience and love.

I often think about the love that Joy provides for me. For now, she knows of none of my wrong doings, and she loves me effortlessly.

But how much more the Father’s love is for us. He does know of all of me — my good and my bad — and yet He loves me anyway. He loves me, just as I am.

May all be reminded this week that Jesus loves us, right where we are. He created us with a purpose, and He knows the most intimate details about our lives. All He wants is for you to spend time with Him.

If you are a parent, then you understand the analogy of running into the Father’s arms. Even if you are not a parent — it doesn’t matter, you are still His kid and He is waiting for you to run into His arms.