JACK SIMPSON: Will Christie go down with the sharks?



My grandson has a degree in marine biology and is a certified diver. He has used his skills and his education to film underwater. Some of his footage has appeared on National Geographic and Discovery channels. He has been swimming with sharks and has seen their reaction to blood in the water.

Watching the situation Gov. Chris Christie is in right now might resemble a swimmer among sharks. Political sharks are circling the New Jersey governor who has been wounded by the George Washington Bridge scandal and questions about the misuse of relief money to make a video featuring the governor and his family to promote tourism.

It is speculation that if the governor is truthful and manages to remain creditable, he may still have a political future. It depends on how he handles adversity. Did he or did he not abuse his power? Those who know him better say the New Jersey governor is bombastic and has a temper which he often displays to the media. He says he is not a bully and that it was his aides that had the lanes closed on the George Washington Bridge. Snarling traffic on such a busy span was very serious retribution for a political opponent.

Now with the present disclosures, this traffic problem could come back to haunt Christie, considered a front runner in the next presidential campaign. He is hoping the sharks don’t eat him alive even before the contest begins. “Time for Some Traffic Problems in Ft. Lee” could be his undoing – and he knows it.

That is why he has taken responsibility, held a press conference, fired aides and done everything possible, even apologizing to Ft. Lee’s mayor, to distance himself from the traffic scandal.

This traffic jam will smolder and there may be more revelations like the one with Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer. As the investigations continue people are bound to wonder if Gov. Christie shares responsibility for actions of his staff or were they truly disloyal and acting on their own? Will the circling sharks eventually ruin Christie’s White House dream?

Hillary Clinton has been running neck-and-neck with Christie in the bid for the White House. She watches the governor’s sharks while picking up a few of her own over the Benghazi affair. Lots of sharks, even Hawaii has a few along its beaches.

America has a heap of problems and the people would like the opportunity to vote for a wise, strong candidate who knows enough about his or her chosen advisors to trust the actions they take in the candidate’s name.

Who will it be? After the sharks’ feeding frenzy, who will remain?

Jack Simpson is a former educator, a veteran, an author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.