Goodell proposed changes could hurt the game of football

I know that sometimes change is a good thing, but then again sometimes it isn’t.

I saw that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is considering taking the extra-point attempt out of the game because it is almost automatic. I agree with him in that they are almost automatic considering that only five attempts were out of more than 1,183 tries. But the thing is that they are not automatic and those five missed kicks could make a big difference in the game. How many times has a point made a difference between winning and losing? Plus it’s not just the kicker being wide left or wide right, it also involves the snapper, the placer and the footing of the kicker also having to be perfect as well. Maybe it might be more interesting they kicked out of the mud?

The other problem I see with taking the extra-point kick out of the game is that those missed or blocked kicks could change the momentum of the game. That change of momentum is what could get the fans pumped up causing the team to start feeding off that energy to get that come-from-behind win.

What the commish is considering is making a touchdown seven points with teams having the option of going for the eighth point with a run or pass play. But is a team fails to convert, then a point is taken off the board and the touchdown is again worth six points. Isn’t that what we already have that?

If he’s going to take away the extra-point kick then let’s do away with the extra point as well. Make a touchdown worth six points and make teams go for the two-point conversion instead. The success rate for the two-point conversion was below 50 percent. Out of the 69 two-point plays tried, only 33 were successful. That could really make the game interesting.

The other aspect of the game that Goodell has at one point or another considered eliminating is the kickoff return and just placing the ball on the 20 or 25.

According to some statistics, in 2013 more than 65 percent of kickoffs either end up out of the back of endzone or the receiving team decided not to return it out of the endzone.

I feel like kickoffs should be an important aspect of the game. A hard hit inside the 10-yard line, a fumble or having the ball run back for a touchdown can change the momentum of the game as well as the loudness of the fans in the stands. A rule which I would like to see is that if a ball is kicked out of the endzone, penalize the kicking team by placing the ball on the 35-yard line or even the 40. That should stop kickers from putting everything they have behind the kick and making it a game of control. If a kick lands in the field of play, meaning not in the endzone, then rolls out the back that’s different. In those situations the ball should be placed on the 20.

Then we have the situations where a teams allows the ball to go into the endzone and decides not to run it out. In those times the receiving team should be penalized for not doing so. I’m sure if a team had to start their drives from the 15 or even 10 kickoff returns would again be a part of the game.

I understand that the main reason for some of these changes is for the safety of the players. But we could water down the game so much that we end up playing flag football. Let’s be serious, how many people would watch that?

Shouldn’t making the game of football be about having it more exciting for the fans?