Two armed men rob pharmaceutical company

CONYERS — Police continue to search for two suspects that robbed employees at a health care company at gunpoint, stole pharmaceuticals, bound the employees with duct tape and fled in an employee’s car, according to the Conyers Police Department.

Early Monday morning, around 1 a.m., the Conyers police responded to an armed robbery call at Omnicare, located at 594 Sigman Road, where the three employees were reportedly held at gunpoint while the suspects stole pharmaceuticals.

According to the company’s website, Omnicare provides a pharmacy-related services to long-term care facilities and to other health care customers.

The first victim told police that she was sitting at her desk talking to a doctor on the telephone.

“When she hung up the phone, she turned to her left and noticed a black in color semi-automatic pistol pointed at her face,” the incident report states.

Another employee, who was seated at a desk nearby, told police that she saw something that caught her eye and when she looked up, she saw the suspect holding a pistol. She said the man “looked directly at her and held his finger up to his lips as if to signal to her to be quiet,” the report states.

Once the first employee got off the phone, he told her to get on the ground. She said she got in a kneeling position and stayed there for about 10 minutes.

At that point, another man came in the room and the first suspect handed him the gun and he then went to the rear warehouse area of the building.

The second employee told police that one of the suspects said, “We’re not going to hurt you, we’re here for one thing,” according to the report.

In the warehouse, the first suspect told the employee who was preparing delivery orders to let him in the caged area, where he removed the employee’s Bluetooth device from around her neck and took her cell phone. He then handed her several tote bags and had her fill them up with pharmaceuticals, authorities said.

The suspect then ordered the third employee to go to the front of the building with the other two victims. The two suspects duct taped the victims’ hands behind their backs and their feet together, the incident report states.

One of the suspects took car keys from the first employee’s desk and stole her black Mazda RX-8.

Police who arrived at the scene noticed that the door knob and deadbolt on the back door had been pried back and that the warehouse area was in disarray.

The victims said the suspects were wearing dark clothing and had something covering their faces. The first victim said she could not provide a more detailed description because “she was scared and was only focusing on the pistol and keeping her head down,” the report states.

Police reported the Mazda as stolen and were able to locate it about three hours later in DeKalb County.