Covington Police Department urges public to lock vehicles to protect against theft

Number of break-ins climbs to 46 by Tuesday

COVINGTON — The number of vehicles that have been broken into in Covington continues to increase.

Covington Police Department Capt. Ken Malcom said that the Police Department is investigating 46 reports of break-ins that have occurred since Thursday in the area of Legion Drive and Monticello Street.

“We have periodically had crime sprees like this where people will go to a certain neighborhood and attempt to steal from multiple residences, but I can’t recall where we’ve had this many consecutive days of activity that seems to be related. This is not the norm,” Malcom said Tuesday.

The rash of car break-ins appears to have begun early Friday morning, with the majority occurring in the overnight hours Saturday and early Sunday. Cars parked at homes along Woodland Avenue, David Circle, Pinecrest Drive, King Street, Legion Drive and Town Branch Court were entered and rummaged through. Victims reported a variety of items were taken, including wallets, navigation systems, sunglasses, and even Bibles and car manuals.

Some of the items were found on the ground in nearby yards or streets.

Several more vehicles were reported to have been broken into Monday night. According to CPD reports, these break-ins occurred on Dorchester Drive, Brookhaven Drive, Old Monticello Street, Monticello Street, Legion Drive and McCollugh Drive.

Malcom urged residents in the area to make sure they remove all valuables from their vehicles and make sure to lock the doors.

“Of the 46 break-ins reported, all of the vehicles appear to have been unlocked,” he said. “If you lock cars and remove your valuables, this person is more than likely to move on to another location.”

Malcom said the perpetrator is “goal-oriented,” with his first goal to be to steal something and the second goal to get away with it so he can do it again.

“He is not going to want to make noise so he’s likely not going to break a window,” he said

Malcom also encouraged people to call 911 if they see or hear anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

“Especially in this situation, if you get up in the middle of the night and see someone walking outside your home or in their yard, or even if your dog becomes agitated and starts barking, call us and let us check it out,” he said.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Detective Chip Shirah or Detective Brent Fuesting at 770-786-7605.