Porterdale seeks changes to organizational charter

PORTERDALE — The Porterdale City Council approved changes to the city’s organizational charter on Tuesday in efforts to clarify the wording.

The next step in moving forward with the amendments is receiving approval from the local delegation in the Legislature.

“The language will need to be approved by the Legislative Counsel of the General Assembly, then Rep. Pam Dickerson enters it as a local bill,” City Manager Bob Thomson said.

One of the amendments Porterdale decided to change is the constitution of a quorum from four council members to the mayor and three council members.

The charter, if approved by the Legislature, would state, “the affirmative vote of three council members shall be required for the adoption of any ordinance, resolution or motion.”

In addition to a change in quorum, an amendment to the mayor’s power was also made.

In case of a tie vote, the mayor may break the tie. However, the new charter will state “the Mayor shall not have the power to vote on matters in which the Mayor has a disqualifying financial or personal interest.”

City Clerk Megan Reid said the City Council and Mayor Arline Chapman discussed changing the charter to clarify the wordage.

“It clears up some of the questions we’ve had because some of the wordage was confusing,” Reid said.

Reid said she is unsure when the new charter would take effect because it depends on the Legislative counsel.