Several Newton County students found with knives at school

COVINGTON — Several Newton County students have been found this week to be in possession of knives at their schools.

On Wednesday, a fifth-grade student at Flint Hill Elementary School allegedly showed a small knife to another student in the after-school program.

“The student apparently asked another student if she wanted to see her knife,” said Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Felicia Jefferson. “Then once she showed it to her, the fifth-grader said she would kill the other student if she told anyone.”

The student told the after-school teacher who then took the knife from the fifth-grader. Jefferson said the knife was under 2 inches, so no weapons charges would be brought; however, the student will be charged with making terroristic threats.

On Thursday, two high school students were charged with being in possession of weapons in a school safety zone.

At Alcovy High School, an 18-year-old student, Tyler Jackson Miller, of 385 Willow Shoals Drive, was found with a pocketknife that measures a little over 2 ½ inches. An administrator at the school was investigating a report of a stolen cell phone and found the knife while searching Miller, Jefferson said.

The student did not have the cell phone, but he was charged for possession of the knife.

An administrator at Eastside High School received a tip from a student that a 14-year-old girl had a pocketknife at school.

“Upon searching the student, the administrator found the knife inside of her purse,” Jefferson said.

A juvenile complaint was filed against the teen.

Another 14-year-old student was charged on Friday with possession of weapons in a school safety zone when an administrator found a pocketknife on him.

“The student said he forgot the pocketknife was in his pocket and he accidentally brought it to school,” Jefferson said.

A juvenile complaint was filed and the student was released to his parents, she said.

Sherri Davis-Viniard, public relations director with the Newton County School System, said students are disciplined according to the rules in the student handbook.

“The start of the second semester is a very good time for parents to review the handbook with students and remind them of what they can and cannot take to school,” she said.