Two Aldi employees charged in store fight

COVINGTON — Tension between two co-workers at a local grocery store escalated to the point where the store manager had to physically separate them, according to the Covington Police Department.

The two employees were working together at Aldi on Ga. Highway 142 Monday night when sometime around 8 p.m. the shift manager, Cardale Williams, told his co-worker, Keyasha Martino, to stop cleaning and help customers who were waiting to be checked out.

“Mr. Williams stated that Ms. Martino took exception to him telling her how to do her job since he said this to Ms. Martino around customers,” the CPD incident report states.

Later that evening, after the store had closed and the two were in the office closing out the cash register receipts, the two continued to argue. According to the incident report, Williams insisted it was his responsibility as a shift leader to supervise her and inform her when she is not properly attending customers. Martino, however, took issue with the fact that Williams corrected her in front of customers, according to the report.

“Mr. Williams stated that Ms. Martino then punched him and grabbed him by the throat,” the report states.

Officers noticed that Williams had scratches and dried blood on his neck where he had been scratched.

Martino, however, said that Williams assaulted her.

Officers watched surveillance video and determined that it was “mutual combat between the two,” the report states.

The video showed that Martino did throw the first punch and continued to kick and grab him by the neck; however, Williams also grabbed Martino, pushed her back against the wall and continued to push her over onto a chair. They almost fell to the floor before the store manager broke up the fight and separated them, the video showed.

Williams, 29, of 330 East Country Woods Drive, and Martino, 23, of 35 Thrasher Road, were both arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.