Nelson Heights receives $8,000 from Newton BOC

COVINGTON – The Newton County Board of Commissioners agreed to appropriate Nelson Heights Community Center $8,000 during Tuesday’s meeting.

Commissioner J.C. Henderson, who serves as the center’s chairman, said after reviewing the budget report of the center’s expenses there would be a deficit of about $5,000.

“We had a few unexpected expenses come up and after going over the budget with the board members and the county manager, we decided to go ahead and ask for the appropriation so we can continue to run smoothly for the rest of the year,” Henderson said.

In June, Henderson requested an appropriation of $40,000 from the Board of Commissioners but the consensus agreed on awarding $32,000.

The county manages funds for Nelson Heights’ maintenance and operations. Receipts are turned in to the county office and money dispersed by the county manager.

The center currently assists about 20 students through an after-school tutoring program, but Henderson expects the number to increase.

Commissioners Levie Maddox and John Douglas commended Henderson on his dedication to provide the center’s program in District 4.

“Nelson Heights is the example of what happens when a commissioners gets involved in the community,” Douglas said. “It’s a result of that interaction. Even if we don’t share all the same values or party, someone needs to be commended when they do a good job. I have a great respect for Commissioner Henderson’s hard work.”

Maddox said he applauds Henderson’s efforts and is excited for the Nelson Heights community.

Nelson Heights was previously operated by the Recreation Commission and managed by Washington Street Community Center.

In April, the Board of Commissioners formed the Nelson Heights Community Center board of directors to set policies and procedures for operating and managing the facility, including selecting a director and establishing an operating budget.

The board of directors includes four ex officio members: the district commissioner and city councilperson where the center is located; mayor of Covington; BOC chair or their designees; and five members appointed by the District 4 commissioner — Henderson — for four year terms.

The center’s board of directors will hold its quarterly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14 at the center, 7200 Laseter St., Covington. The meeting is open to the public.