JACK SIMPSON: Who's your presidential pick?

Do you have some time on your hands? Don’t just twiddle your thumbs. Speculate on who might be future presidential candidates.

President Obama’s approval rating has fallen into the 40 percent range. The legacy he has left so far for the next Democratic candidate is difficult to defend.

So who will accept the challenge? Some observers believe that the most obvious person to defend the indefensible Obama record may well be former first lady, former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of State, former corporate lawyer – Hillary Clinton. Perhaps we are overdue for a female President.

At the mention of her name, Hillary Clinton does carry some baggage like Hillarycare and the Benghazi incident. In spite of this baggage, Hillary is smart, an excellent politician, experienced in government, has a good worldwide reputation and her connections are good. Some feel she has an unbeatable resume and could step into the office of president without on-the-job training.

Certainly she has many who do not admire her and would not support her, calling her a witch. They are not impressed with her diplomatic accomplishments. Her words before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “what difference does it make?” in the Benghazi investigation still ring in their ears. These voters consider the Benghazi testimony a cover up.

Hillary’s health and her testimony may or may not be factors several years hence should she become a candidate. Her ratings are high right now and a recent poll shows Clinton and Chris Christie running neck and neck. It is Christie at 45 percent approval versus Clinton at 43 percent.

The year 2016 is a good way off and others will also have presidential ambitions. Some names come to mind – Jeb Bush, Joe Biden, Governor Cuomo, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz. It is hard to predict who may enter the race or who has Presidential ambitions.

Hillary Clinton has experience, lots of frequent flyer miles, is traveling the speakers circuit and may already be seeking the presidency. She has her eye on rival Christie with neither individual making a public announcement as yet.

Go ahead, twiddle your thumbs if you want to. Watch and wait. Many people are not fascinated with President Obama and his policies and want a change. Voters may not choose to elect a Democratic candidate regardless of who he or she may be. There is a feeling in the air that the nation is headed in the wrong direction.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, a veteran, an author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each Friday.