Pizza delivery man pepper sprayed, robbed of food

OXFORD — A local pizza delivery man unwittingly walked into a trap when he attempted to deliver pizza and was pepper sprayed and robbed him of his food.

The 21- year-old Pizza Hut deliveryman arrived at a home on Oxford Road in Oxford to deliver a pizza around 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

“When nobody answered the door, the delivery man returned to his vehicle,” said Newton County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Felicia Jefferson. “He then noticed someone come up to the porch of the residence, so he returned to deliver the pizza. As he looked down at the receipt, he was pepper sprayed by an unknown gentleman.”

The robber stole $48 of consumable goods, according to the NCSO. The victim fled the scene and called for help.

“The responding deputy discovered that the residence where he attempted to deliver the pizza was actually vacant, and the delivery man didn’t know that,” Jefferson said.

The victim was unable to provide a detailed description of the robber other than that he appeared to be a tall black male.

The incident is under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office at 678-625-1400 or to leave an anonymous tip at www.newtonsheriffga.org.