Alcovy Judicial Court receives $20,000 grant to hire clinical coordinator

COVINGTON — The Alcovy Judicial Circuit recently received a supplemental state grant of $20,000 from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to help address mental health issues and those facing drug charges.

The grant will provide funds to fill a clinical coordinator position that will be shared by the Newton County Felony Adult Drug Court and the Newton County Resource Court.

The purpose of the Office of Accountability Courts State of Georgia grants program is to establish specialty courts to address offenders arrested for drug charges or mental health issues.

Newton County Resource Court Coordinator Amanda Day said the hired person will work about 30 to 40 hours per week.

“The clinician’s responsibilities will include helping the court participants one-on-one to enhance life skills such as budgeting, how to open a checking or savings account, how to dress professionally and prepare for a job interview,” Day said.

For mental health court participants, Day said some of the life skills taught include basic budgeting, learning how to maintain a household and multitasking.

The court participant programs take about 18 to 24 months to complete. Newton County Resource Court currently has seven participants while the drug court has 21 participants, Day said.

“The court numbers were growing that we definitely needed another person to help the participants reach success,” Day said. “Success is viewed in terms of graduating the program on time, staying clean and living in the state of recovery.”