Bus issues hurt Alcovy wrestling team

COVINGTON — Alcovy’s Parfait Fondseyuf chance to wrestle at the collegiate level may be in jeopardy after the team failed to weigh-in on time at the Area 2-AAAAAA dual tournament on Saturday at Newton High School.

Fondseyuf and the rest of the Alcovy wrestling team, who were the No. 2 seed, were not at the meet site on time and as a result were disqualified after the weigh-in was ended by the head official. To make matters worse it wasn’t even their fault.

“The bus was suppose to be here at 7:00,” Alcovy head coach Mike Mostek said. “I had my kids here (Alcovy) at 6:00 in the morning in case we had issues with weight or anything else.”

This was not the first time the Alcovy wrestling team had issues with getting to meets on time. Out of eight meets, the Tigers have been more than an hour late three times because the bus failed to get to the school on time. While they have never been kept from participating before, this time it cost them a chance wrestle at the Class AAAAAA State Duals in Macon next Saturday.

“It was awful, my seniors (Justin Howell, Kamari Williams and Fondseyuf) were on the bus crying. A couple of kids were telling me that they trained every single day since last season. They hadn’t missed a day of lifting, running or wrestling. That made me feel bad for the kids, they took it hard,” Mostek said.

“Coker College wanted film of him (Fondseyuf) at the state duals. He’s trying to get a scholarship. I couldn’t get him off the bus. I hope that doesn’t hurt his chances. He’s devastated over it. I hope it doesn’t hurt him but who knows.”

After the bus was 15 minutes late, Mostek called Alcovy zone supervisor Robert Nash to let him know the bus was not there. Nash returned the call five minutes later and said someone would be there shortly. Mostek also called Newton wrestling head coach Ryan Angel and told him about the bus issue as well as Alcovy assistant athletic director Kirk Hoffman.

“I called Hoffman and he called and said that the bus was going to be there. He (Hoffman) then called over at Newton. I notified the Newton coach before I called Hoffman and they were saying it was fine, to just get here when we get our bus,” Mostek said.

At 8:45, when the bus got there, Mostek called the Newton coach to let him know they were leaving and he was told that was fine. The weigh-in time for the tournament started at 7 a.m. an hour later but the time was extended to 8:30 by the head official.

Mostek received a call from Rockdale head coach Craig Hargrove and that was when he found out that there was a problem.

“We were eliminated because of bus issues,” Mostek said. “As a coach and a teacher, you’re always suppose to look out for what’s best for the kids. I think that’s wrong. I’m disappointed that the season was taken away from these kids over a bus issue. That’s not right. I think it was a great learning experience for our kids that life’s not always fair.

“I don’t want anyone to get fired, but we have a problem that needs to be corrected. Something is wrong with the system and it needs to be changed.”

Numerous attempts to reach Nash and the Newton County school system were unsuccessful.