Newton County Animal Control director gives advice to keep pets warm

COVINGTON — With temperatures dropping below freezing, it’s important to remember animals need warm shelter too during the winter season.

Newton County Animal Control Director Teri Key-Hooson said much like humans, dogs and cats can come down with a cold.

“The best thing to do is to bring your animals inside because they can get chilled and catch a cold just like we do. But if an animal has always been outside, they’re more acclimated to the weather, especially if they have proper housing,” Key-Hooson said.

To keep outdoor pets warm, she suggests providing a good bed with cedar shavings or extra straw and even adding old blankets to keep the pet’s shelter cozy.

Be sure to keep the shelter away from muddy areas and always provide the animals with food and fresh, drinkable water, Key-Hooson said.

Newton County’s animal shelter saw a peak in adoptions over the holiday season but Key-Hooson said it’s rare.

“We’re usually full no matter what season it is.”

If a stray animal is found, Key-Hooson said it can be brought to the shelter, located at 210 Lower River Rd, Covington, or call 770-786-9514 to have animal control pick it up.