On the Beat: Woman suffers whiplash while car being repossessed

COVINGTON — A woman called the Newton County Sheriff’s Office to complain that she had suffered whiplash. The woman claimed that she was backing out of her driveway in her 2010 Honda Civic around 6 one morning when she was met by a man with a tow truck who was there to repossess her car.

According to the NCSO, she noticed a truck in her driveway with bright lights behind her. When she stopped the car, a man got out of the passenger side of the tow truck, walked over to the Honda, checked the vehicle identification number in the windshield and flashed a flashlight at the driver of the tow truck. The men began lifting her car while the woman sat inside it. The woman later called the Sheriff’s Office to state her neck was sore because the repo truck “jarred” the car while she was in it.

• Spreading holiday cheer

A woman reported to the NCSO that she received a Christmas card in the mail with derogatory remarks in it. While the deputy did not read any written threats in the greeting card, the victim told deputies that she would monitor social media to see if she could identify the Grinch who sent the card.

• Patience is a virtue

A woman waiting at the gas pumps at Kroger apparently grew frustrated that the man in front of her was taking too long. The man told police that he was pumping gas in two cars and when he pulled his granddaughter’s car up to the pump after filling up his own car, he noticed a white car backing up, blowing its horn. The driver of the white car then got out yelling at him and grabbing the hose, trying to get it out of his car. The man said the woman was pushing him and yelling profanities and saying “it was her turn, not his,” the incident report states. She evidently pushed him hard enough at one point to cause him to fall back against the car, denting the fuel access flap. Witnesses said the man never yelled back. The woman was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct.

• It’s poison, all right

A deputy with the NCSO responded to a home in the Legends of Ellington subdivision where a woman apparently had overdosed on some kind of substance. When the deputy arrived, she claimed her boyfriend had drugged her. After further investigation, the deputy learned that the two had agreed to make some marijuana-laced brownies. When the woman ate some, she apparently regretted her decision and called the police. She then started running around the neighborhood claiming she was poisoned, authorities said.

• Honey, you shouldn’t have

An employee with the Newton County School System reported to Covington Police that her former boyfriend, also a school system employee, had given her some suspicious gifts over the year they dated. The woman said that throughout their courtship, her boyfriend brought her several bottles of Industrial Blue Concentrate, Germicidal Neural Cleaners, Procyon Carpet Upholstery Cleaners and several cartons of Tru Moo milk.

• I deserve better

A 28-year-old Covington man called the Newton County Sheriff’s Office to complain that he was unhappy with the way he was treated at the hospital.

• Walmart made me do it

Covington police pulled over a man who was traveling more than 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. When the officer approached the driver, he said that he was speeding because he had just purchased some oil for his lawn mower and he was aggravated because it took him so long to check out.

• Hoping to get lucky?

An employee of a BP gas station contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report a burglar had smashed the front door with a large rock and stolen cigarettes, condoms and lottery tickets.

• Sharp dressed man

A man reported to the Sheriff’s Office that someone had broken into his home and stolen a jar of change and three suits worth nearly $2,000.

• It’s a privilege, not a right

An NCSO deputy responded to a family fight recently where the mother said her juvenile son was acting up because she would not take him to get his drivers license.

• Welcome to the neighborhood

A woman called the Sheriff’s Office to complain that while her 5-year-old daughter was in the front yard with their family dog, she saw her neighbor walk to the end of his driveway carrying a shotgun. Her dog stood up and barked at the man, at which time he pointed the shotgun at the dog while her daughter was just a few feet away. The woman told deputies she did not know the man’s name since she had only lived in her home for two days.