CPD and RCSO arrest six in prostitution sting

CONYERS — A joint undercover operation conducted by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office and the Conyers Police Department resulted in the arrests of two prostitutes, two panderers, a pimp and a woman found with drugs who was in the car with the young son of one of the alleged prostitutes.

Investigators with the RCSO Narcotics and Vice Division, along with investigators with the CPD responded to ads posted on social media sites and set up meetings.

Undercover agents met the girls at a local hotel on Thursday, Feb. 20, where they arrested the individuals involved in the business of soliciting for sex, according to a release from the CPD.

Two women — Natasha King and Ashley Peace — were arrested and charged with prostitution.

When King was arrested, she told investigators that her 4-year-old son and another woman, Kathaleen O’Conner, were in her car, according to the press release.

Investigators found O’Conner inside the car and discovered she had two capsules of MDMA, commonly known as the drug “Molly,” as well as three other drug capsules in King’s purse.

The Department of Family and Children Services was called to the scene and took custody of the young boy, the CPD reported.

RCSO Investigator Michael Camp said the undercover operation took place over several hours and investigators believe that King and Peace were working separately.

When Peace was arrested, investigators asked her if anyone was in her car. Camp said Peace told investigators that her “broker,” Terrence Talley, was in her vehicle.

Also during the course of the investigation, officers identified and arrested two panderers, also known as “johns.” One of those, Ramon Theodore Knight, is a convicted felon with previous arrests in multiple states for trafficking in cocaine, escape, robbery and rape, according to the release.

Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson said, “Social media has become an easy way for individuals who would not in many cases involve themselves in prostitution, to conduct such activities in and across many jurisdictions. This is not a problem unique to our city and county. Prostitution commonly breeds greater and more dangerous circumstances and opportunity for serious crime.”

Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said the joint venture between the CPD and RCSO was successful, particularly for bringing the young boy found in the car to safety.

“This operation between the RCSO and CPD was a great cooperative effort to target a dangerous crime that often gets overlooked,” he said. “Although the charges are misdemeanors, operations that target prostitution and pimping can help prevent more dangerous crimes, such as assaults, rapes and robberies that often go hand-in-hand with these crimes. By not overlooking these crimes, the RCSO and CPD were able to get a child out of a unsafe lifestyle and get a dangerous drug off the street.”

As a result of the operation, the following individuals were arrested:

• Brandon Danielle Dye, 28, 1920 Shephard Road, Conyers, was charged with pandering;

• Terrence Talley, 41, 9621 Carolina Drive, Jonesboro, charged with pimping;

• Kathaleen O’Conner, 22, 3502 Cloudland Drive, Stone Mountain, possession of a Schedule I controlled substance;

• Ashley Peace, 26, 1002 Pitty Pat Drive, Florence, S.C., charged with prostitution;

• Ramon Theodore Knight, 47, 384 Sundown Way, Stone Mountain, charged with pandering; and

• Natasha King, 24, 2157 Ben Hill Road, East Point, charged with prostitution and possession of a Schedule I controlled substance.