More vehicle break-ins reported in Covington

COVINGTON — The number of car break-ins in Covington is starting to pick up again.

Capt. Ken Malcom with the Covington Police Department said that three residents along Taylor Street reported this week their vehicles had been entered, along with one on Chaney Drive and two on Jefferson Village Boulevard.

The incidents appear to have occurred between 7 and 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. In two of the reported incidents, thieves stole electronic devices and in another, a victim’s checkbook and Social Security card were stolen. Victims reported that their vehicles had been ransacked, according to the CPD.

In January, nearly 50 residents in the area of Legion Drive and Monticello Street reported their vehicles had been broken into. Cars parked at homes along Woodland Avenue, David Circle, Pinecrest Drive, Kong Street, Legion Drive and Town Branch Court said their cars were entered and rummaged through. Victims reported that a variety of items were taken, including wallets, navigation systems, sunglasses, and even Bibles and car manuals.

Over the past several weeks, various items reported stolen have been found strewn across yards and roads nearby, according to CPD reports.

In most of the reported incidents, including the ones reported this week, the victims stated their vehicles were unlocked. While Malcom said investigators have not determined whether the break-ins this week are related to the ones reported in January, he said all residents should lock their doors.

“I will repeat what we said earlier, please remember to lock your vehicles, and if you see anything or have any information, please contact the Covington Police Department at 770-786-7605,” he said.