Citizen newspapers move to mail delivery

CONYERS — Beginning with the Tuesday, Feb. 25 editions, the Rockdale Citizen and Newton Citizen will be delivered to subscribers by U.S. mail.

Subscribers will continue to receive the Citizen Tuesday through Friday on the day of publication. The Sunday newspaper will become a weekend edition and will be delivered on Saturday. The Weekend Citizen will continue to provide the same quality news, sports and feature coverage, as well as comics, coupons and inserts, as the Sunday edition.

According to J.K. Murphy, vice president for content for Southern Community Newspapers, parent company of the Citizens, the change is designed to improve delivery and customer service.

“The biggest plus we see in making this move is consistency of delivery,” Murphy said. “The United States Postal Service has been in the delivery business since 1775. There is no better organization to have deliver our newspapers. Moving from driveway delivery to mailbox delivery will also improve customer service.”

Thom Bell, circulation director for SCNI, said newspapers will be delivered to area post offices in the early morning hours in order to accomplish same-day delivery by mail. Two of the company’s other newspapers, the Henry Daily Herald and the Clayton News Daily, are already delivered by mail.