CPD charges man with sexual battery, false imprisonment

CONYERS —A 34-year-old Conyers man has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting and holding a woman against her will.

According to the Conyers Police Department, a teenage girl called 911 sometime after midnight on Wednesday and said she and her mother were being held against their will. Soon after, the call disconnected, so officers drove to the apartment where the crime was allegedly occurring.

Officers knocked several times but no one answered the door, according to the incident report.

Eventually, the suspect, identified as Mark Joseph Smith of Conyers, answered the door and allowed officers to come to the bedroom where the victim was.

According to the incident report, the 27-year-old victim told CPD Officer Justin Lykins that she and Smith, who lives with her and her daughter, had an argument the night before and that he forced her “to do something to her that she did not want to do” even though she told him “no” a number of times.

“After arguing with him, she attempted to leave, but Mark had blocked her from exiting the apartment. When she attempted to call the police, Mark gathered all the cell phones and disconnected the Internet to keep her from doing so,” the incident report states.

The victim’s 15-year-old daughter then tried to leave to get help, but Smith reportedly blocked her from leaving the apartment as well.

The daughter was able to call for help using an older cell phone that was not connected, but was still able to contact 911, the report states.

Police arrested Smith and removed items from his pocket are typically used in sexual acts. They transported him to the CPD Criminal Investigations Division Office for interviews, where he allegedly admitted the victim had told him “no” several times and that he did sexually assault her several times.

Smith was then charged with aggravated sexual battery, interference with a 911 call and false imprisonment.