RCPS creates another survey for make-up days

CONYERS – Rockdale County Public Schools has implemented another survey regarding make-up days because of inclement weather that has resulted in students missing seven days in the classroom so far this school year.

Both Rockdale and Newton school systems lost four instructional days in January as a result of frigid conditions. Recent Winter Storm Pax has caused Newton schools to miss two more classroom days in February, while Rockdale students missed three days on Feb. 11 to 13. RCPS has scheduled make-up days to be on Feb. 17 to 19 and March 14 for January’s missed days, taking away a teacher workday and three days from the winter intercession, which was initially planned to be the week of Feb. 17 to 21.

However, with a one-question online survey that RCPS has recently created, the entire winter intercession, as well as the teacher workday on March 14, could be restored — but with a catch. Students could have the option of having a whole week off in February, but to make this possible, each school day for the rest of the school year would be 30 minutes longer. In order to make up for lost instructional time and still allow students to enjoy time off, RCPS is seeking input from staff, parents and community members about adding 30 minutes to the end of each school day until the end of the academic year.

Survey takers simply answer “yes” or “no” in regard to extending the school day hours to make up for lost time. A link to the survey can be found on the RCPS website at www.rockdale.k12.ga.us.

As of Wednesday, the Newton County School System still plans to have its scheduled winter break on Feb. 19 to 21.