Man crashes motorcycle minutes after leaving bar

COVINGTON — A 34-year-old man was charged with DUI after he crashed his motorcycle just minutes after leaving a bar in Covington.

Joshua Suttles of 50 Cedar Oak reportedly left the Depot bar just after midnight Monday, driving his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Witnesses nearby said they saw Suttles nearly wreck as he pulled out of the bar parking lot and turned left onto Emory Street, “goosing the throttle of the motorcycle and swerving in the road,” the incident report states.

Suttles was still revving his engine as he attempted to turn right on U.S. Highway 278, causing the motorcycle to jerk back and forth. He then lost control of the motorcycle, which knocked him off the bike, according to the report.

One witness went to help the man while the other witness called 911. When the officer arrived, Suttles was lying face down on the ground with his helmet beside him. Despite some minor injuries, the man was coherent, the officer reported.

“While speaking to Suttles it was apparent that he had been drinking due to the strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath,” CPD Officer Brandon Wilkerson stated.

Wilkerson performed a number of field sobriety tests, which were reportedly performed unsuccessfully by Suttles, who was then arrested and transported to the Newton County Law Enforcement Center. Based on two breathalyzer tests there Suttles registered blood alcohol levels of .237 and .254, respectively.

He was charged with DUI, reckless driving and making an improper turn.