Peachtree Academy hosts fundraising program and concert performed by Ugandan students

COVINGTON – Peachtree Academy will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year by showing its love for the Ugandan Thunder Children’s Choir, which is visiting the U.S. through the fundraising Pennies for Posho program.

Pennies for Posho, which was founded by preacher Dr. Ted Moody in 2007, is a fundraiser that collects money mostly in the form of coins for more than 5,000 hungry children in Ugandan orphanages, according to the organization’s website. Posho is a Ugandan staple food consisting of ground corn flour mix and mashed potatoes, and is usually served with a stew or sauce of meat or vegetables.

Through Pennies for Posho, 22 children from the Ugandan Thunder Children’s Choir have been chosen to visit the U.S. for six months in order to raise awareness of and collect money for hungry kids in their country. The Ugandan students are living in a house in Griffin operated by Pennies for Posho during their six-month stay in the U.S.

“The selection process is based on grades, conduct and musical ability,” said Moody in reference to the Ugandan children visiting the U.S.

The 22 selected children, who are between the ages of eight and 13, will perform musical numbers in their native language of Swahili for a Peachtree Academy audience from 10 to 11 a.m. Friday in the Covington campus’ gym.

According to Peachtree Academy College & Career Advisor Robyn Barnes, different grades in the school are battling each other in a “Penny War” to see which grade can raise the most money. Since the competition is based on the weight of money collected, students have donated coins — rather than paper money — to ensure that their grade’s collection weighs the most. Currently, pre-K is winning the elementary division, seventh grade is leading the middle school section, while ninth and 10th grades are topping the high school division, she said.

“I’m hoping an encounter with the Ugandan students will broaden our students’ world view and gain a cultural richness as they are exposed to the lifestyle and language of children from another part of the world,” said Barnes.

Barnes went on to add that Shiloh Christian Academy, Providence Christian School, Woodlee’s Christian Academy and Grace Christian Academy have been invited to join Peachtree for Friday’s concert.