Juveniles find beaten man on side of road

COVINGTON — A group of juveniles found a man who had been badly beaten, apparently stripped of his clothing and left on the side of the road.

Covington Police Department officers Gene Nuqui and Ulysses Banks responded to an area on Ford Street around 10:20 p.m. Sunday where they found a white male who was face down in a brushy area on the ground and naked. The male was semi-conscious and had scratches from the brush on his back, was bleeding and had swelling on his face, according to the incident report.

A woman, who was standing near the scene with three juveniles, said one of the kids came to her house and told her that a man was laying outside, Officer Nuqui reported.

“One of the juveniles then stated, ‘Jessie was the one who beat him up,’” the report states. “Officer Nuqui asked the juvenile how he knew this. The juvenile initially ignored Officer Nuqui’s question.”

The officer continued to ask the juvenile more questions, and eventually he said he and his friends were walking along the path from Sterling Lakes to Ford Street when they ran into a man they know only as “Jessie,” who said, “There’s a cracker laying in the woods that’s been beat up,” the report states.

Officers checking the area found what appeared to be the man’s possessions, including his clothes, socks, boots, items from his wallet, along with an empty pill bottle, a small bottle of liquor and a pack of cigarettes.

Personnel with EMS and the Covington Fire Department responded to the scene and began to treat the victim, who could not respond coherently to questions.

The man was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.