Rockdale BOE decides days to make-up for missed school days

CONYERS – The Rockdale Board of Education has approved Monday, Feb. 17 through Wednesday, Feb. 19 as make-up days for January’s missed schools days due to inclement weather, taking away three days from the scheduled winter intercession.

The BOE had previously approved an online survey to decide which three days the school community would choose to have taken away from the break. At the board’s meeting on Friday morning, it was determined that about 70 percent of nearly 5,000 survey responses from parents and staff preferred the Monday-Wednesday choice, according to Hightower Trail Elementary Parent Involvement Liaison Jason Yaber. The other choices were Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 18-20 and Wednesday through Friday, Feb. 19-21.

The winter intercession has served as a week for potential make-up days since 2011, should the weather not cooperate with the planned school schedule. Students will not be in the classroom from Feb. 20-21, allowing them to enjoy the last two days of the previously scheduled break.

The next break for students will be in April, when they will take a week off for spring break. Spring break is scheduled to be Apr. 7-11, meaning that they will be in the classroom for the entire month of March.

The last day for students is still intended to be May 16, while staff will be in post-planning until May 21.