RCPS offers survey to see which make-up days would be best

CONYERS – Last week’s severe weather resulted in Rockdale and Newton students missing school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but students in both systems are expected to make up the days one way or another.

According to Newton County School System Public Relations Director Sherri Davis-Viniard, NCSS is still developing a plan for how it will its handle make-up days. However, Rockdale County Public Schools has come up with a technique to find out which days would be best for students to make up.

Students, parents, faculty and staff of RCPS are being encouraged to take a one-question survey to find out which three days they would like to have deducted from the winter intercession scheduled for Feb. 17-21. RCPS states that since 2011, the school system has designated the winter intercession as a time to serve as possible make-up days, provided that severe weather interferes with the normal school schedule. Since last week’s snowy conditions and icy roads caused students to miss three classroom days, three days are set to be taken away from their winter intercession.

Although there is no choice in the number of days that students will have to make up, there are three choices as to when those days will be during the week of winter intercession. The first choice will have students attend classes the first three days on Monday through Wednesday, Feb. 17-19. For the second choice, students would be going to school during the middle of winter intercession on Tuesday through Thursday, Feb. 18-20. The final choice has students scheduled to be in the classroom during the latter part of the break from Wednesday through Friday, Feb. 19-21.

A link to the survey can be found on the RCPS website, or can be accessed directly by going to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8ZQHLMG.

In addition to the days missed last week, Newton schools will not be making up the day that students missed on Jan. 7 due to freezing temperatures, while Rockdale students will be making up that day on March 14, which was originally scheduled to be a teacher workday.