Newton High scheduled to host county Spelling Bee

COVINGTON – On your marks. Get set. Spell!

The Newton County School System will hold its countywide 2014 System Spelling Bee at 10 a.m. Friday at Newton High School

Students in grades four through eight from each elementary and middle school in Newton County were eligible to participate. Each school will send its champion to represent their school, as well as a runner-up in the case that the champion is unable to participate.

Contestants will have one chance to correctly spell each word they are given or they will be eliminated from the Bee. To add more pressure to contestants, they will not be given an opportunity to change the letters of a word they have begun to spell after the letters have been pronounced.

The elimination process will change once the competition has only two contestants remaining. According to Spelling Bee rules, if one of the two remaining contestants misspells a word, the other contestant is given the opportunity to spell the same word correctly. If the other contestant spells the word correctly and spells the next word on the caller’s list correctly, the student will be declared the winner.

However, if the other speller misspells the new word after correcting the first contestant’s error, the first contestant will be declared the winner if he or she spells both the misspelled word and the next word on the caller’s list correctly.

The winner will represent NCSS in the Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 1, at Putnam County Middle School in Eatonton.

“Spelling is one of the life-long skills that children begin to learn early in school and continue throughout their lifetimes,” said Elementary Schools Director Lee Peck. “Written communication is an essential component of everyday life. In order to be an effective and efficient communicator, one must have adequate spelling knowledge. The Spelling Bee is a fun activity in which children can participate to demonstrate the spelling skills and knowledge they have learned.”

Family members and parents of contestants are invited to attend the Bee, but NCSS has asked that parents refrain from bringing infants and small children in order to not distract the contestants. Additionally, the school systems asks that flash photography be used only after the competition is done.