Man reports someone blew up his mailbox

COVINGTON — Newton County investigators are continuing to look into who is responsible for blowing up a mailbox in a residential neighborhood.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called Sunday to a home in the Berkshire subdivision of Oak Hill Road when the homeowner reported that his daughter found their mailbox in pieces in the street.

“He said he went to the mailbox and discovered an unknown person put a 2-liter bottle inside their mailbox with an unknown substance,” the incident report states. “The complainant said the bottle exploded and pieces of the mailbox and items from inside the bottle went everywhere.”

The responding deputy found several pieces of the mailbox and the bottle around the area.

A neighbor reportedly heard a vehicle speeding away the night before, but didn’t have any further information on the type of vehicle, said NCSO Deputy Felicia Jefferson.

The case has been turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division.

In other news, deputies were called to a home on Gum Creek Road in Oxford by a man who believes he is on the receiving end of a grudge.

The complainant said he discovered two white poster board signs attached to two different telephone polls. According to the NCSO, the signs both said, “Beware: Thief Ahead” and listed his phone number.

The man told deputies he believes the person responsible is someone he has had issues with in the past.