Truck driver claims a man fired four gunshots in an act of road rage

CONYERS — A driver along Interstate 20 apparently became agitated that a tractor-trailer was following too closely behind him so he pulled out a gun and fired four shots, three of which struck the cab of the truck.

The driver of the semi reported to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office that sometime around 9 p.m. Thursday he was traveling eastbound on I-20 between Sigman Road and West Avenue when he came up on an older model gray Dodge Charger with a black spoiler on the trunk that was traveling slower than him.

“(The truck driver) flashed his headlights at the slower-moving vehicle to advise him he was traveling faster than him. It was at that point the unknown black male driver hit his brakes abruptly,” the incident report states.

The driver of the tractor-trailer said he moved into the left-hand lane in order to pass the Charger. He said he was unable to move into the slow lane because there were two vehicles beside him, according to the report.

“He stated that once he got into the fast lane, the driver of the Charger then sped up, staying beside the cab of the semi, preventing him from being able to pass,” the deputy reported. “(The victim) then stated that while the Charger was traveling beside him, he saw a black male hold a black semi-automatic pistol out of the driver’s side window and fired four rounds at his vehicle.”

The driver said he found an entry and exit hole from one of the bullets in the cab of his truck. An RCSO investigator found a bullet hole in the door handle of the passenger side door and another in the front grill area.