Tire recycling event slated

LITHONIA – The Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance will host its first Tire Round-up in partnership with Georgia Conservancy on Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve.

From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., local community members are invited to drop off their unwanted tires at the nature preserve to be recycled for free. The Alliance will also send out a crew of volunteers to collect tires from tire dumps and other waste locations throughout the community. Liberty Tire has joined forces with the Alliance and Georgia Conservancy to pick up the tires and have them recycled.

In addition to Georgia Conservancy and Liberty Tire, the Alliance has also partnered with the city of Lithonia, DeKalb County, Panola Mountain State Park and the Monastery of the Holy Spirit to make the Tire Round-up possible.

According to Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area public outreach coordinator Kimberly Estep, the Alliance was approached by the city of Lithonia to host the event because of the nature preserve’s ideal location.

“One of the things we are hoping to get out of this is a spotlight on the $1 tire fee, and that $1 fee goes to the Georgia Solid Waste Trust Fund,” said Leah Barnett, advocacy outreach director of the Georgia Conservancy.

Information from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s website explains that the SWTF was established in 1990 in accordance with the Georgia Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act. The act was amended in 1992 to include a $1 fee for every new tire sold in the state, which the EPD allocates toward scrap tire management and cleanup, as well as other solid waste management goals.

This event is meant for community members, so businesses are discouraged from dropping off tires. Georgia Conservancy has asked that the number of tires recycled be limited to six per person, and to have them dropped off during the designated hours. Any tires left at the nature preserve before or after 1 p.m. will be considered litter and will come with the normal littering fines and fees.