Company's byproduct will require pretreatment

CONYERS — County water officials don’t yet know if the byproduct created by a manufacturer of industrial cleaning products will be pretreated onsite or treated offsite before it goes into a sewage treatment system.

Dwight Wicks, director of Rockdale Water Resources, said pretreatment will be required of ABC Compounding’s byproduct before it can be discharged into a sewer system. He said the company is in the process of determining whether it will pretreat its manufacturing byproduct onsite or have it hauled to an offsite pretreatment facility.

The company is in the process of relocating to Rockdale County.

“Right now we are discussing with them if we could help them set up pretreatment onsite or if they are going to have to continue to ship it offsite,” Wicks said in a recent interview, noting that the company has its industrial waste pretreated offsite from its current location.

Wicks said the company generally produces about 50,000 gallons per month in byproduct that requires pretreatment.

ABC Compounding announced late last year that it had purchased the former John Deere campus at 2001 Deere Drive where it plans to consolidate three of its manufacturing operations. The company headquarters is in Morrow.

Terrell Gibbs, deputy director of Rockdale Water Resources, said companies that have off-site pretreatment typically have a dedicated sewer line for household-type waste that feeds into the sewer system but no connection to the sewer system from the manufacturing portion of their facilities.

Rockdale County is in the process of analyzing bids for a sewer line extension to serve ABC Compounding and nearby property of about 96 acres. The sewer line is expected to cost about $300,000, and local officials have said it will promote economic development in the area.

ABC Compounding will bring 100 employees to the new 379,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, which will come online in phases.

ABC Compounding President Steve Walker said the former John Deere facility “is a great fit for the future needs of ABC.”