Riley uncontested for mayor of Mansfield

Jefferson Riley

Jefferson Riley

COVINGTON — Qualifying ended Friday for a special election in Mansfield, and Mayor Jefferson Riley was the only candidate for mayor, eliminating the need for a special election.

Recently elected to the Mansfield City Council, Riley has been serving as mayor when the former mayor, Estona Middlebrooks, resigned earlier this year.

Riley, who owns THP Printing in Conyers, was not designated interim mayor until a special election could be held because the city charter doesn’t provide for an interim mayor.

Riley’s post on the city council will be filled by Chris Fulmer, who was the only person to qualify for that seat. As both positions are uncontested, a special election is unnecessary.

City Clerk Jamie Ruark pointed out an advantage to not holding a special election.

“It will save us about $6,000, so we’re very grateful,” Ruark said. “It’s hard on small towns with small budgets to hold elections with all the requirements.”

Ruark said Riley and Fulmer likely will be sworn in at the next city council meeting, which is on Sept. 8.