On the Beat: Mother accused of tossing burning paper on sleeping son

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by Senior Staff Reporter Aimee Jones, who can be reached at aimee.jones@rockdalecitizen.com.

COVINGTON — Perhaps it was too early in the morning, but one Newton County woman allegedly took matters into her own hands when trying to wake up her adult son.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to a home on Rivercrest Lane earlier this month in reference to a family fight.

When they arrived, they spoke with a 29-year-old male who said “his mother tried to get him out of bed by throwing a lit piece of paper on his bed,” the incident report states. The victim’s mother was gone by the time deputies arrived.

• Ding and dash

A woman complained to deputies that the neighbor that lives in the apartment below hers was ringing her doorbell and running off.

A Newton County man contacted authorities to report that someone rang his doorbell around 2 in the morning and took off running. He said when he went outside this morning, he found human feces and a Bud Light can on his front porch.

• Oh, there it is!

Social Circle police responded to a woman who claimed someone had broken into her car. The victim reported that $1 and an iPod were missing from the vehicle. The dollar was not located, but the iPod was recovered on the ground near the car.

• Cleaned him out

A Newton County man reported that someone broke into his Pickett Bridge Road home and took a handgun and vacuum cleaner without his permission.

• Facebook friends?

A woman called the Sheriff’s Office to report she had been threatened over a Facebook comment by two women. She said after she posted something, a girl responded online stating, “B—-, I’ll stomp your face for talking about my mother. You is what you is,” the incident report states. Then the girl’s mother called the victim and asked her to delete the posting “or she would send her daughter to kick her a—.”

• In no hurry

The manager at Kroger contacted police one afternoon to report that a male left the store without paying for all the items in his basket. Police then saw the suspect sitting on a bench outside the grocery store eating shrimp and crabmeat. The suspect was intoxicated and had all the items in his basket on the front of his bicycle, according to the Covington Police Department.

• Poor sport

A Covington woman reported to police that someone stole her trampoline mat and screen, golf clubs and an Easton bat bag.

• Snakes alive!

A Newton County woman called authorities to report she found three snakes in her Mabry Farms Court residence. The responding deputy was able to capture just one of the snakes. The woman said she was not staying in her home until a pest control service removed them all.

• Forget something?

Deputies were called to a home on Deep Springs Way where the homeowner noticed that someone had broken into her house. She told the deputy that a few items were in fact missing and someone had rummaged through her bedroom. The deputy then found a black garbage bag lying by a living room chair that contained all the items reported missing.

• With friends like these …

A woman reported to police that “some friends of a friend” were to take her vehicle to a garage to have it fixed. She was told the vehicle never made it to the garage and she does not know where the car is now.

• It’s a yard, not a landfill

A Rockdale County woman said she often finds beer cans and trash in her yard, but she contacted the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office when she found a white mattress in the front yard.

• Rocky road

Deputies responded to the area of Jack Neely and Harold Dobbs roads where a driver complained that the passenger in the car in front of him threw an ice cream cone out the window that cracked his windshield.