Newton Trails to host anniversary Community Walk on Aug. 23

COVINGTON – Newton Trails plans to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its first major project with a Community Trail Walk on Aug. 23.

Shortly after being founded in 1997, Newton Trails established a 5-mile multi-purpose trail at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. The trail, which is the longest one that Newton Trails has been involved with, has soft-surface paths that are wide enough to accommodate a variety of activities such as walking, running, biking and horseback riding.

“We hope the anniversary celebration will have about 20 to 50 people,” said Newton Trails Board Chairman Florian Pohl.

Pohl also said that the Community Trail Walk will honor the accomplishments of board member David Waller, who was formerly with the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division. Waller has been with Newton Trails since its inception and has been instrumental in helping the development of its trails.

Those attending can expect a leisurely, conversational walk on the looped trail, exploring Newton County’s natural environment while combining community and fitness.

Although a Georgia Outdoor Recreational Pass is typically required to use trails on CEWC property, participants of the Community Trail Walk will be able to take a stroll for free.

Walkers are expected to meet at the CEWC Visitor Trail at 9 a.m., and will access the trail via the short Granite Outcrop Trail.