Man charged with growing pot calls NCSO to report one more plant

COVINGTON — Honesty is a virtue, as one Covington man attempted to demonstrate.

Deputies seized several large marijuana plants from a Newton County residence, but a few days later, the owner of the plants called to let them know they missed one.

Sgt. Cortney Morrison with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office said that the Special Investigation Unit received information that marijuana was being grown at a home at 70 Forest Tower Trail.

“When they got to the house, in plain view were adult, mature marijuana plants on the property,” Morrison said.

Investigators returned with a search warrant on July 28 and found nine mature, well-maintained marijuana plants, some taller than 6 feet, growing on the property, she said.

Deputies arrested 52-year-old Anthony Gerome Thrasher and Rosemary Thrasher, 49, and charged them with cultivation of marijuana.

A couple of weeks later, on Aug. 12, Anthony Thrasher called deputies back to the house and told them there was another plant that they failed to get the first time they were there.

Deputies returned to retrieve that one as well, the Sheriff’s Office reported.