NCSS sees slight drop in student enrollment since last year

COVINGTON – The Newton County School System’s current enrollment report shows a slight decrease in the number of students from this time last year.

As of Aug. 7, there were 19,326 students attending Newton County schools. This is a decrease of seven students from this point last year, when the school system reported 19,333 students in attendance.

NCSS Deputy Superintendent Craig Lockhart said these figures are subject to change with an amended enrollment report to be presented at the Board of Education’s next meeting.

“The enrollment report is generated by our Infinite Campus database,” said Lockhart. “The database is updated at the schools as students register, and numbers typically stabilize after the first 10 days of school. An updated enrollment report will be provided at the regular board meeting on Aug. 19th.”

While NCSS has seen an overall growth in high school students since the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, the number of middle and elementary students has decreased over the past year. The school system had 5,211 high school students in attendance last year, compared to 5,367 now. NCSS had 4,492 middle-schoolers last year, in comparison to 4,444 enrolled in the 2014-15 year; and had 9,538 elementary students last year, with 9,443 recorded for 2014-15.

Since August 2013, 11 Newton schools have seen decreases in attendance numbers, while the other 11 schools have seen a jump in students. Flint Hill Elementary, Heard-Mixon Elementary, Livingston Elementary, Rocky Plains Elementary, South Salem Elementary, West Newton Elementary, Clements Middle, Cousins Middle, Indian Creek Middle, Liberty Middle and Eastside High have all seen a drop in attendance since this point last year.

The school with the largest decrease over the last year is Flint Hill, which has gone from 1,180 students to 1,077 currently. On the other hand, Alcovy High has gained 143 students in the past year, going from 1,822 students last year to 1,965 now.

The most populous NCSS school this year is Newton High with 2,121 students, and the school with the least amount of students is Mansfield Elementary with 452 students. At this time last year, NHS had 2,060 students, while MES had 449 students.