Redeeming Love Christian seeking community projects for August

Church seeks out community projects for August

Pastor Gerald Simpkins of Redeeming Love Christian Church trims the trees in a senior citizen’s yard as part of the church’s month of service. (Special Photo)

Pastor Gerald Simpkins of Redeeming Love Christian Church trims the trees in a senior citizen’s yard as part of the church’s month of service. (Special Photo)

August is often when people try to squeeze in one last trip to the beach or mountains, taking advantage of those few remaining vacation days. For the congregation of Redeeming Love Christian Church, August is a time to work as they give their time and energy to what the church calls its “Great Month of Service.”

Every August for the past six years, members of the Conyers church have visited senior adults throughout the region making home repairs, doing yard work and items on a to-do list for people who are not able to do it all themselves.

“We take this opportunity to just kind of pour into the community,” Nat Singletary said.

Singletary, who heads up the men’s ministry at Redeeming Love, said when the church started its Great Month of Service project, it was performed by just the men in the church. Last year, the men, women and children of Redeeming Love joined the effort and such will be the case again this month as members fan out across the area to help others.

“We all do something during the month of service,” Singletary added

The volunteers are ready and have already been working, but Singletary said they are in need of more projects.

“We are looking for more seniors in Rockdale and Newton counties,” he said. “We have more teams set up to get ready to serve our seniors. We’ve been working with the Rockdale County Senior Center to get names from there, as well. They’ve been a great partner for us.”

Singletary invites seniors who are in need of small home repairs and other work to call the church at 770-922-1491. Volunteers have done everything from working on plumbing, gutters and roofs to small electrical repairs, cleaning out garages and doing yard work.

“Everything we do is free of charge to the seniors,” Singletary said. “We don’t charge them anything. It’s just us being able to pour out. That is the one thing I want to stress. People don’t have to pay us to work.”

All the materials the volunteers use are donated and Singletary said additional donations are needed this summer. Anyone wishing to make a financial donation to this effort or donate materials is also asked to call the church.

“We are still a small ministry, but this is something the pastor tries to get everybody involved with — the kids, ladies and the men,” Singletary said. “… This is important to us. This month of service is one of the main things we do in the course of the year. We make it a priority.”

Located at 1931 Old Covington Road in Conyers, Redeeming Love Christian Church of Conyers is led by its founder and pastor, Jamie Croone. A non-denominational Christian church, the ministry began in 2005 by Croone and his wife and co-pastor, Tanya.

“… We believe we are called to make an impact in the Rockdale and Newton county area,” Pastor Jamie Croone stated. “This can be seen through our various acts of community service, including feeding the hungry, free minor home repairs for seniors, open gym basketball for the youth and partnering with back-to-school events.

“Over the years through these various expressions of love, our church has continued to experience steady and consistent growth.”

It was that commitment to showing the love of Christ that caused Singletary and his wife Cheryl to leave their home in another state and join Redeeming Love in its ministry in Conyers.

“I’m one of the elders, but I’m also a pastor who moved here about two years ago from Ohio just to connect to the church,” Singletary said.

“The church and the pastor’s capacity to love is just beyond most people. When you come into the church, you really feel it … When you get there, you really learn to love on a different level. My family’s always been close, but the church has really impacted my family, my wife and my five kids.”

The family found out about Redeeming Love after Pastor Tanya Croone came to a women’s conference Mrs. Singletary did in Ohio and the two women developed a friendship.

“We came down to visit for one of the church’s anniversaries and just knew we were supposed to be here,” Nat Singletary said, adding that his wife continues her ministry of women’s conferences and is doing one this weekend called “I Will Bloom Where I Am Planted.”

As Redeeming Love Christian Church celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, Singletary said it continues to place a top priority on serving others. He said as the volunteers work to bless others, they receive the larger blessing.

“Just to hear some of the stories about what people have gone through,” he said. “Last weekend we did some yard work for a lady who went through major surgery not long ago. She was up and moving around, but not able to take care of things like she wanted to.

“A lot of time, we find people who have illnesses or have been sick and just can’t keep up. When we show up and do whatever we can do, it really makes a difference for them and really impacts us, more so. I would say we get the better end because of the relationships we can build. Last weekend made me want to do more.”

Church volunteers will continue their Great Month of Service through August and Singletary said he hopes those seniors needing help, as well as people who would like to donate to this project, will call the church. He said volunteers will come to visit the senior and make sure the repairs fall within their scope of work and then place it on their schedule.

Beth Slaughter Sexton is a freelance writer based in Walton County. Contact her at bethslaughtersexton@gmail.com.