LETTER: There are better ways to fix the dumping problem

A recent edition of the Citizen contained an article about Post 1 Commissioner Oz Nesbitt continuing to push the issue of countywide garbage collection, and not listening to the folks! That’s just an example of how government agents think they know better than we do about what is good for us and what is right for our community.

It seems to me that the problem they are trying to fix is people dumping trash anywhere they can get away with dumping it. We have always had some of those folks here, but with increased population we got more of them.

This is an enforcement issue of people who seem not to have any respect for the rest of us or our community. Maybe code enforcement , policing agencies, citizens who see things could help solve that or put a big dent in it. I had suggested to the commissioners to use the civic associations to help enforce code violations but to no avail. Kind of short-sighted to me, but there was no control over the civilians by the county.

I realize that there is no county agency set up to keep this “stuff” picked up and under control. And if we formed one, then the problem could get worse.

The typical government route is to make everyone pay for the excesses of the few who don’t care and put the burden on the rest of the community (sounds familiar).

The trash companies would certainly agree to setting up routes; it works in their favor. That is except when those companies who already work here are excluded from the routes.

One way or the other anything the county does will more than likely result in someone entering into a lawsuit. Let’s see, we just had one ordering the county to pay a church $6,000 in legal fees for turning them down to add some grades, then allowing another church to do it. One church was black and one church was white. It looked like it was some race playing, maybe so maybe not. Now there is a $30,000 lawsuit from another church.

I think if it were me I would call in the supervisor of the road department and quietly tell him that it is his job to make sure the dumping is taken care off without fanfare. And if the county needs to hire someone and buy a truck, then do it without a bunch of speeches, or issues as to why.

Bob Bala