Covington police discover man has 20 aliases

COVINGTON — What’s in a name? Or, perhaps the question for one Covington man should be, what’s in 20 names?

Covington police were called to a fight that broke out on Magnolia Heights Circle Sunday afternoon and soon began speaking with a man who was reportedly involved.

The man, who said his name was Anthony Williams, was speaking in a slow, slurred manner and the officer stated that he could smell the “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person as we were standing behind the apartment building,” the incident report states.

Covington Police Department Sgt. Chris Cain stated he asked Williams repeatedly what happened and Williams “would mumble an answer and avoid the question.”

Cain then asked dispatch to run Williams’ name and birthdate through the state database, but no person with that name came up. Williams then said his name was “Antonio Williams,” but again, there was no record of a person with that name and birthdate in the database, the report states.

As Cain was placing Williams under arrest for public drunkenness, the man said he just wanted to be with his girlfriend and that “everything was alright.”

After placing him in the back of a patrol car, Cain went to speak to the man’s girlfriend, who said she didn’t know him very well and that his name was “Tony Middlebrooks.”

After being treated at Newton Medical Center for injuries he sustained in the fight, the suspect was transported to the Newton County Detention Center, where he was booked under the name, “Antonio Williams,” which was the name he provided at the hospital as well, according to the incident report.

“The detention staff fingerprinted ‘Mr. Williams’ and the prints returned to a Keith Evans Middlebrooks … as well as 19 other alias names, 12 dates of birth and six Social Security numbers,” Cain stated.

Middlebrooks, 45, who gave an address of University Avenue in Atlanta, was charged with public intoxication and giving false information to police.