RCPS tracks state results on EOCTs

CONYERS — Rockdale County Public Schools fared well on the literature portions of the End of Course Tests, but had some difficulty with the math content areas — results that correlate with the state’s average scores.

The Georgia Department of Education released individual school-level EOCT scores Wednesday. The EOCT is a statewide standardized test that counts for 20 percent of high school students’ final grades. It replaced the Georgia High School Graduation Tests in 2011 and itself will be replaced in the current school year with the Georgia Milestones assessment. Georgia Milestones will test students on the same content areas as the EOCT, except for math II and general geometry.

In ninth-grade literature, Heritage High had 90 percent of students meet standards, Rockdale County High had 89 percent meet standards and 84.7 percent of Salem High students met standards. Overall, 88 percent of Georgia students were able to meet the EOCT ninth-grade literature standards.

RCPS students excelled in American literature as well. At Heritage, 95.2 percent of students met those standards, while RCHS had 94.4 percent of students do so, and 90 percent of Salem High students met the standards. Ninety-three percent of Georgia students on average met the EOCT American literature standards.

Despite the high scores in literature sections, RCPS had trouble with the math EOCTs, particularly with analytic geometry and coordinate algebra, where all three high schools fell below the state average.

“We will continue to have math instruction every day for ninth- and 10th-grade students,” said RCPS Superintendent Richard Autry in a released statement. “We have also added instructional math coaches at each high school to help teachers with different instructional strategies and provide additional classroom support for students. I appreciate all of our teachers, administrators, and support staff that are committed and determined to help all students be successful in every subject.”

In analytic geometry, 32.5 percent of Heritage students met the test’s standards. Thirty-two percent of RCHS students met these standards, and 19.4 percent of Salem students were able to do so. Georgia’s average of students meeting EOCT analytic geometry standards was 35 percent.

In coordinate algebra, 35.6 percent of Heritage students met the standards, 23.6 percent of RCHS did so, and 22.2 percent of Salem students. On average, 40 percent of Georgia students were able to meet the EOCT coordinate algebra standards.

Math II, which consists of geometry, algebra II and statistics, was another obstacle for many students. Heritage had 36.8 percent of students meet math II standards, 21.4 percent of Salem students met the standards, and only 5.4 percent of RCHS students were able to do so. As a state, Georgia had about 23 percent of students meet EOCT math II standards.

According to Matt Cardoza, director of communications for the Georgia DOE, students who took math II on the most recent EOCT are repeaters, meaning that only those students who did not do well previously on math II took it again this past semester. Only 19 students at Heritage took math II on this past EOCT, while 28 Salem students did, and 37 RCHS students took it.