THE RECIPE BOX: Sausage pancetta wraps perfect for meat lovers

Sausage pancetta wraps may be sliced and served as an appetizer. (Staff Photo: Julie Wells)

Sausage pancetta wraps may be sliced and served as an appetizer. (Staff Photo: Julie Wells)

Calling all meat lovers — this week’s recipe is just for you.

My husband, Kevin, introduced me to a brand new dish this week — sausage pancetta wraps — an Italian dish I’d never even heard of and certainly had not ever eaten before. I was not even aware of what pancetta was, but I know now.

For those of you who need a lesson on pancetta, like I did, it is better known as Italian bacon. It’s actually unsmoked pork belly meat.

Italian food tends to be heavy, and this dish is somewhere in between just right and too much, but it all depends on how much of it you consume.

Also, I tend to find Italian sausage too spicy for my taste buds — I’m a wimp, what can I say — but there are several different types of Italian sausages to try, like sweet sausage, or extra spicy for you brave souls, and there’s also a chicken sausage available too.

This is one of those throw-it-in-the-Crock-Pot-and-forget-about-it dishes, simplicity at its finest.

When the timer on the Crock-Pot buzzes, slice up the sausage pancetta wraps and serve it as an appetizer or serve as the main dish and add some pasta or zucchini pasta to go along with it.

I might add that I thought the meat contained just the right amount tenderness and was not dried out like some meat tends to be after being cooked in a Crock-Pot.

Sausage pancetta wraps

2 pounds of Italian sausage

1 pound of pancetta


Lay the pancetta down on a piece of wax paper.

Place the sausage at one end.

Wrap the pancetta around the sausage, using a toothpick to help hold the pancetta on the sausage.

Place the wrapped sausages in the Crock-Pot and then drizzle honey on top of sausages.

Cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 2 hours.

Tip: Instead of drizzling honey on the sausages, use maple brown syrup instead.