Ellenberg named principal at Newton High

COVINGTON — He's been a science teacher, department chair, assistant principal and interim principal at Newton High School. Tuesday night John Ellenberg was officially given the principal position following a unanimous vote by the Newton County Board of Education.

"I am confident Mr. Ellenberg will remain dedicated and committed to the students, faculty, staff and community of Newton High School," said Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey in announcing the appointment. "He has high expectations of his students and staff and intends to ensure all students are positioned to achieve their dreams. Mr. Ellenberg expects that all students who exit Newton High School upon graduation will be well-prepared to compete globally."

Ellenberg was named interim principal in January following the abrupt resignation of former principal Eclan David.

Ellenberg holds a specialist degree from the University of West Georgia, a master of arts in teaching science education from Piedmont College, and a bachelor of science from Georgia College and State University. Ellenberg is pursuing a doctoral degree at Nova Southeastern University where he has completed all required coursework in the Educational Leadership program.

Tuesday night, Ellenberg said he was thrilled and honored to have been chosen for the appointment.

"I really look forward to serving the students and working with the faculty and parents," he said. "I really want them to see their potential, and I want to make sure they are equipped to succeed in their academic journey. That's what I'm looking forward to."

Ellenberg noted that he's been at NHS for more than a decade.

"I have pretty much risen through the ranks there," he said. "That's my home and I love it. We have the best students and it's such a pleasure to be able to be there and work with the students and the faculty at the crown jewel of the Newton County School System."