Covington City Council to consider use agreement for American Legion Field

COVINGTON — A fee could soon be put in place for those who are interested in reserving the use of the American Legion Field in Covington.

Covington City Council will review the first draft of a license agreement for the park’s use during its public meeting on Monday. City Manager Leigh Anne Knight said she compiled the first draft of the agreement after researching how the Covington Family YMCA charges fees for its parks and consulting with the Newton County Recreation Department.

“There needs to be some sort of agreement so the city can know who is there and who is responsible for the clean up after the use,” Knight said. “City Council may or may not want to install fees or a deposit in order for the public to use it. This is just a first draft that will be discussed.”

The proposed license agreement for Legion Field includes the following rates:

• $175/day for field and open pavilion use plus a $50 key deposit;

• $50/day for closed pavilion use; and

• $50 damage deposit for both the field and open pavilion as well as the closed pavilion

The agreement says that since the field’s restrooms are inside the closed pavilion, the closed pavilion would need to be rented with the field in order to have access to the restrooms. The licensee would need to obtain the key from City Hall and leave a $50 key deposit.

The licensee will receive the $50 deposit back if the key is returned to City Hall the next business day following the event, the draft agreement states.

Clean up involves removing all trash and food from the pavilion floor. If the pavilion is left in a clean and orderly manner, the damage deposit will be mailed back to the licensee.

The City Council will also consider an insurance clause in the license agreement, requiring the licensee to provide liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage in the sum of $1,000,000 naming the city as additional insured.

Knight said the agreement is subject to change if council chooses to do so. City Council will discuss and review the first draft of the agreement at Monday’s meeting, which is held at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.