CRCTs come to Rockdale and Newton schools

CONYERS – Students in Rockdale and Newton counties are preparing to face a standardized testing period with the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests approaching in the coming days.

The CRCT is designed to measure how well students acquire the skills and knowledge described in the state-mandated standards in reading, English/language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, according to the Georgia Department of Education’s website. Test results are used to identify individual student strengths and weaknesses in relation state standards, and to measure the quality of education throughout the state.

Newton County third- through eighth-grade students will be taking the tests beginning Tuesday, April 22, to Thursday, May 1, while testing for Rockdale students will be from April 22 to May 2.

NCSS Director of Testing Allison Jordan advises parents and guardians to make sure that their children get plenty of rest on night before testing and to provide nutritious dinners and breakfasts daily. Parents should also encourage children to listen to instructors carefully, ensure that students get to school on time, and have prescribed eyewear if needed.

“The CRCT is a very important test, but it is only one measure of your child’s achievement,” said Jordan. “Therefore, we do not want students to be overly anxious. Please encourage students to relax and to do their very best.”

Although CRCTs are considered by the Georgia DOE to be a valuable and critical test, the test results will not affect students’ course grades.