Ga. school evacuated after pranksters release pepper spray

As many as 100 students at a suburban Atlanta high school were exposed to pepper spray on Wednesday after the material was released in a school hallway in an apparent prank, police and school officials said.

Officials at Douglas County High School noticed something was causing teachers and students to cough during a class change Wednesday morning, the school said in a statement.

The substance sprayed in the hall was believed to be pepper spray, and there were no serious injuries, said Douglasville Police Department Major Greg Graff.

It was a "proverbial get-out-of-school-free card," Graff said of the prank.

The building was evacuated and custodians installed fans to clear the air before classes resumed a short time later, according to the school statement.

The students who released the spray were caught and "the school is following board policy to address this issue," the school said.